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The Igbo people sometimes referred to as the Ibo(e), Ebo(e) or Heebo (Igbo: Ndi Igbo) depending on the person who pronounces it, is an ethnic group in West Africa. Most Igbo people live in southeastern Nigeria where they are one of the three largest and most influential groups, the two others being the Hausa and Yoruba people.

According to Igbo traditional religion, there is a supreme God called ‘Chukwu‘ (the Great Spirit), who is the creator of the whole world and everything in it. They Also believe that all things come from Chukwu, who brings the rains necessary for plants to grow and controls everything on earth and the spiritual world. Most Igbos are Christians, Although there are still other Igbos who are still tied to there traditional religion in the worship of other small gods.

Although Igbos are very religious and most of the names they give to their children start with a Chi(GOD) or Chukwu. Igbo people Mostly name their babies according to the events/circumstance surrounding the child’s birth. And they mostly do care about the meaning of any name they give to their Child, Which mostly ends up in Glorifying the Almighty God(Chukwu).

The Igbo language is so diverse that you can actually say the same thing in different ways like Chukwugozirim, Chimgozirim, and Chuwkugozie all mean the same thing. Now the Current generation tapped into this to generate more sweet Meaningful Igbo names. Below are Sweet Meaningful Igbo Names for your Baby boy, with their meanings.

Unique Igbo Names for Boys, Short forms, and English Meaning.

  1. Adimchukwunobi (Adimchi) – Am in God’s heart

2. Beluolisa (Belu, Bels, Bosah, Olisa) – If not for God

3. Chibubeagha (Chibube, Bube) – May God continue to fight for me

4. Chibunkem (Bunkem) – God is mine

5. Chidera (Dera) – Destiny cannot be changed/ Once God says/writes

6. Chidiadi (Chidi, Diadi) – There is God

7. Chidiebere (Chidi, Ebere) – God is merciful

8. Chidiuto (Chidi) – God Is Sweet

9. Chidubem/Chuwudubem (Dubem,Bem Bem, Dum Dum) – Lead me oh God

10. Chidumaga/Chukwudumaga (Chidu, Dumaga, Dum Dum) – God Leads me

11. Chidumeje (Dumeje, Meje) – God is leading me

12. Chiemerie/Chukwuemerie/ Chiemelie (Emelie, Emerie, Emy) – God has won

13. Chiemezie (Emezie, Mexxy, Mez) – God has made it good for me

14. Chigozie (Gozie, Gogo) – God bless

15. Chikamjiaba (Chika, Kamji) – God is my backbone/pillar

16. Chikamjimerie (Chika, Kamji) – I won with God

17. Chikelue (Kelue, Chike) – May God make me whole/complete

18. Chikezie (Kezie, Kezz, kezzy) – May God appease me with my share/portion

19. Chimeremeze (Chime) – My God made me King

20. Chimkwesilito (Lito) – My God is worthy of praise

21. Chimsimdili (Chisimdi) – My God said I shall liv

22. Chinagorom (China) – God is my witness

23. Chinemerem (Neme, Chineme, Nemerem) -God does good things for me

24. Chisomaga (Chisom, Somaga) – God walks with me

25. Chisomebi (Somebi, Mebi) – God dwells with me

26. Chisomnazu (Som) – God is my protector (God is behind me)

27. Chizaramekpere (Chizaram, Zara) – God Answered my prayers

28. Chizitelu (Zitel) – God sent

29. Chizitere/ Chizitelu (Zite, Zitel) – God-sent


30. Chizotam (zotam) – God shield me

31. Chukwuchebem/ Nnachebem (Chebem) – May God protect me

32. Chukwucheta (Cheta, Chuks) – Remember me Lord

33. Chukwukamji (Chikamji, KamjiI) – walk with God

34. Chukwumeziauzo (Mezia, Mezy, Uzo) – God straighten my path

35. Chukwunedumije (Nedu,Dumije) – God walks with me on my journey

36. Chukwunemerem / Chinemerem (Nemerem, Neme) – My God will continue to do for me

37. Chukwunomma – Awesome God

38. Ebubedike (Ebube, Bube) – Glory of a great man

39. Ejimchimemeonu (Ejimchi) – I brag about my God

40. Ejimetochukwu (Jimeto, Jim, Too, Tochukwu) – People praise God because of me

41. Ejimgietochukwu (Jim, Tochukwu) – I praise God because of you

42. EzeudoEze (Udo) – King of peace

43. Gosioranachimdike (Gosiora, Chimdike) – Show the world that my God is mighty

44. Ifeanyichukwu (Ifeanyi) – There is nothing God cannot do

46. Ifechukwu (Ifeh)- Light of God/Love of God

47. Ifemyolunna (Ife, Yolunna, Yolu) – What I asked of the lord

48. Ifemyorochukwu (Ifemyoro, Yoro) – What I asked of the lord

49. Jachike (Ike, Chike, Jachi) – Give praise to God/ Hail God

50. Jeozichukwu (Jeozy) – Do God’s work/ God’s messenger/ Evangelist Jidechukwu

51. Jideotito/ Nnajideotito (Nnajide, Jide, Ekene, Otito) – God take All the Glory

52. Kachimsilotam (Lotam, Lota, Kachi) – How my God remembered me

53. Kachisicho (Kachi) – God’s desire

54. Kachiside (Kachi) – As God has written

55. Kaetochukwu (Kaeto, Tochukwu, Too) – Let’s praise God/ May God be praised

56.Kaimarachukwu (Kaima) – Let’s know God

57. Kaitochukwu (Tochi) – Let’s praise God

58. Kamdilichukwu (Kamdi) – Let me live for God

59. Kanyifeechukwu (Kanyi) – Let’s worship God

60. Kaobimtochukwu/ Kobimtochukwu (Obim, Kaobim, Koby, Kobi) – Let my heart praise God

61. Kelechi/Kenechi/Kenechukwu (Kelly, KC, Kene, KayKay, Kenny,) – Praise God/ Thank God

62. Kobimkenechi (Koby, Obim, Kene) – Let my heart thank God

63. Kaobimsiyochukwu/ Kobimsiyochukwu (Koby) – How my heart asked of God/ My heart’s desire

64. Kosisochukwu (Kosiso or Kosi) – However it pleases God

65. Lotachukwu, (Lotanna) – Remember God, Remember the Father

66. Munachimso (Muna, Chisom) – Walking with the lord

67. Naetochukwu (Naeto, Tochukwu) – Keep praising God

68. Obinaetochukwu (Naeto) – A heart that praises God

69. Raluchukwu (Ral) – Leave all to God

70. Sinobichukwu (Obi, Sinobi, Nobby, Nobs) – From God’s heart

71. Sobechukwu (Sobe) – Follow God

72. Sochikaima/ Sochikanyima (Sochi, Kaima, Kanyima, Kanyi) – It’s only God we know

73. Sometochukwu/Dumetochukwu (Someto, Dumeto) – Praising God with me

74. Soyabuchukwu (Buchi, Soya) – Only him is God Thanks/ Praise be to God

75. Uwajimetochi (Jimeto, Jim) – The world praise God because of me

76. Uzochukwu (Uzo, Uzzy) – God’s path/Way

77. Zikoranachidi (Zik, Chidi) – Show the world that there is God

78. Zimchikachim (Zim, Kachi, Chika, Chikachi) – Show me a god who is greater than my God


79. Zinachidi (Zina) – Show them that God is alive

80. Zinachidindu (Chidindu) Show the world that God is alive

81. Zinachimdindu/Zinachidi (Zina) – Show them that God is alive

82. Kachinonyelum – God is with me.

Congratulations on your new baby or are you still expecting, don’t worry it will be a safe delivery by God’s Grace. Hope you where able to see a suitable name for your cute baby Boy, or did you pick out a name that is not on the list. Just use the comment box tell us all about it. We are so happy for you.


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